Storycast from an enchanted forest nested deep within the Adelaide Hills.

*Explicit language occurs in the first few minutes, but after that it’s all safe for the kiddies.

Storycast 2 - trees Storycast 2 - readers

The Owl and the Nightingale. A middle-english poem written in the 12th century, the author unknown. Some speculate that ‘Nicholas of Guildford’, who is often mentioned in the verse, may have penned it. The poem takes the form of ‘debate poetry‘ (or ‘verse contest’) as it narrates an argument overheard between the two forest birds.

Is this poem battle rapping in its earliest form? Are owl and nightingale today’s B-Rabbit & Papa Doc? Does a hoodie adorned owl swoop in, remnants of Ma’s Spaghetti still caked on its collar ready to stuff nightingale full with polly-filler?

Nestle in as we are joined by two guest actors Sara Lange and Ashton Malcolm who read the parts of owl and nightingale live from a forest in the hills.

Sara Lange
Sara Lange
Sara is a South Australian actor trained at Adelaide College of the Arts (2010) and has participated in local theatre and films since graduating. She has worked with Duende Theatre Collective (Slicing and Dicing!!! 2011), the Adelaide Theatre Guild (Antigone 2012), Gone Begging Productions (The Possibilities 2012), Holden Street Theatre (His Ghostly Heart 2012), Tectonic Theatre Company (The Laramie Project II 2012), SA Shakespeare Company (Shakespeare On Love 2013), State Theatre CSA (Young Playwrights Awards 2013) and Polygraph Collective (Man in a Bag written by Emily Steele 2014). Her short film works include The Alchemist 2010, Walking Abroad 2011 Directed by Louis Maddiford, and Love CV 2012 Directed by Andrew Shanks.

Ashton Malcolm
Ashton Malcolm
Ashton Malcolm is an Adelaide based theatremaker, who graduated from Flinders University Drama Centre in 2009 with First Class Honours. She has also trained with Shakespeare and Company, in Massachusetts, USA. Ashton has worked extensively as a performer devising new works, as well as reimagining established texts. Some of her work includes collaborations with Vitalstatistix Theatre Company on Cutaway: A Ceremony (2013), Future Present (2014) and Quiet Faith (2014), and with the State Theatre Company of South Australia as Desdemona in Othello (2014).