April 2016
There aren’t any Storycasts currently scheduled, but do feel free to listen back to any of your favourite webcasts below. We will update this page when more Storycasts are scheduled.

Past Storycasts:

Tue 5th May – Sleepless Cities
Storycast from the Exeter Hotel, Rundle St – Adelaide.
A selection of poems and short stories inspired by the pulse and heartbeat of our cities. More info

Tue 12th May – The Owl and the Nightingale
Webcast from an enchanting forest just west of Stirling in the Adelaide Hills.
This delightful 12th century poem will be read live by actors Ashton Malcolm and Sara Lange. Hopefully we’ll hear some hoots by the owls in support of their comrade. More info

Tue 19th May – On Animals
Read from somewhere near where there are lots of animals.
Poems and shorts from the mouths, muzzles, bills and beaks of all creatures great and small. More info

Tue 26th May – The High Street Soiree
Storycast from Sam’s living room, just east of Adelaide.
We’ll be putting on late-night tea and scones for some of our nearest and dearest at this special candlelit reading, with live musical performances and special guest readers in front of a live living-room audience. More info

Tue 2nd June – Our Discreet Existence
Storycast from a place where one might think about such things.
For anyone who spends their moonlit hours pondering the big stuff, let some of history’s greatest literary minds take that burden for you. From Socrates to Sartre, Browning to Borges – rest easy knowing that you’re not alone afloat in the atmosphere of wonderment. More info

Tue 9th June – Romantics (from a place that’s seen a few)
Storycast from one of THE most romantical places in SA
Curl up and cuddle your pillow (or our favourite pet / human) and listen in as we dip our toes into the ocean of one of literature’s most treasured topics: love.
Listen here

Tue 16th June – Quick and Dirty vs The Storycast
We teamed up with the South Australian Writers centre to present a live event at SAWC HQ featuring Aimee Knight, Caroline Reid, Katherine Arguile and Robert Horne. We recorded the event as part of The Storycast that night.
Listen here

Tue 23rd June – Readings and Dreamings
A night that spotlighted some Indigenous Australian writers and readers. We were joined by Edoardo Crismani and Matt Hein who read some of their own, and others’ work. We also played a special recording from Adelaide Writers’ Week 2015.
Listen here

All storycasts will be available as podcast the following day.

Details on this page are subject to change. Best to check back in sooner to the storycasts.