Storycast from Adelaide’s place de la pash: the Windy Point lookout.



A night for the heart robbers and the heart throbbers., we’ll look at love from all the angles. Curl up and cuddle your pillow (or our favourite pet / human) and listen in as we dip our toes into the ocean of one of literature’s most treasured topics: love.

Love Among the Ruins, Robert Browning
The Spanish Understand, Peter Bakowski
How It Ends, Myra King
Sonnet 19, William Shakespeare
Untitled, Sam Jozeps
MĀHANGA, Louise McKenna
Love at First Sight, Wislawa Szymborska

Guest Reader: Daniel Vorrasi
Daniel Vorassi
Daniel is a lone traveller, soul seeker and creative adventurer with only sunshine and snow fall in his rear view mirror. He is an arts and festival producer, underground muso, dulcet toned radio host, a cook his nonna would be proud of, and if you need a concrete carpark he can build that too. This Jordan esque ball player is a psychology graduate who loves to analyse film, collect vinyl and drink through straws. Never seeking to find the same he is a gorilla in the mist that never wanted a life like ‘his’…

Submitted Writer: Myra King
Among many other print magazines, Myra King has been published in San Pedro River Review, Eclectic Flash and The Valley Review. She has won the UK Global and been shortlisted for the US Glass Woman Prize and the Scarlett Stiletto – SINC AUS.

Submitted Writer: Louise McKenna
Louise is a published writer living in Adelaide. Her first poetry collection, A Lesson in Being Mortal, was published as part of the Friendly Street New Poets Series by Wakefield Press in 2010. Her poetry has appeared in Cordite Poetry Review, Mascara Literary Review Red River Review, Bluepepper and Light and Glorie, an anthology of South Australian poetry published by Panthaenus Press. Her poem was shortlisted for the 2013 Fish Poetry Prize and last year, her first short story, Fall Of A Bird, was published by Mascara Literary Review.

Music: The Climbing Trees
climbing trees
In the space of just 6 months Climbing Trees have self-produced their debut album in their small home studio and signed to New York label, Flavorlab. Paul Anstey and Sonny Taverna are music teachers by day and create dreamy indie-folk by night. Combining fragile guitars, carefully constructed melodies and their love of harmonies.

Their songs are born in various ways, often together or back and forth through email. This collaborative songwriting sees them alternate lead vocals according to each songs tendency, which gives their debut album a fresh dynamic from one track to the next.

Climbing Trees debut, “Little Dreamer” will be out in early 2015. Listen to their work on Soundcloud