Storycast 2.2 – 3 Nov
The Writers of Wakefield Press

Tuesday 3 November

The Storycast visited Adelaide’s oldest independent publishing company, Wakefield Press at its annual Spring Book Fair, and sat down with some of its authors (and administrators!) to read their favourite works.

In this podcast you will hear:
Stephen Orr read from his new novel The Hands
– Wakefield Press Publisher/Director Michael Bollen reading Trevor Nottle’s Lawns from his book Endless Pleasure, and some of his favourite poems by Jude Aqualina.
Raymond Chandler’s Recipe for Lamb with Dill Sauce from Kafka’s Soup (a scrumptuous book full of recipes from famous literary folk) – read by Michael Deeves.
Margaret Merrilees reading her short The Red Shoes

– and finally, a recipe or two from the Country Women’s Association’s newest cookbook, Calendar of Cakes.

Storycast 2.1 – 27th Oct
Wilde, Wolf & Vitals Highlights

In this first Storycast of its second season, Sam reads from his living room on High street with recorded highlights from the Vitalstatistix Community Fair.


The Happy Prince – Oscar Wilde

Highlights from the Vitals Community Fair:
Lara Torr: Wild Peaches – Elinor Wylie
Jessica Sanguesa: Juventud – Pablo Neruda
Helen Sheldon: Ode to a Grecian Urn – John Keats
Katie Spencely: The Voice – Thomas Hardy

Subconscious Bite – Evette Wolf (submitted writer).

Evette Wolf is an Adelaide writer, who has completed a Diploma of Professional Writing with the Adelaide Centre of Arts and have had several travel articles published.

Storycast 1 – 5th May
Sleepless Cities

Storycast from The Exeter, Rundle St. Tuesday 5 May 2015, 10:30pm.


Photo: Jordan Archer The-Storycast-Sam-and-Aimee

City. The brick-and-mortar representation of a communal species. Where it exists, we exist – and where we exist, life exists. Cities are built to assist us in our quest to prosper. But what about the mind within this matter? How do we find our own selves amid the blocks of flats, tram tracks and office stacks?

In this storycast, we nestle into the minds of a few city stewers grappling with soul vs space.

Guest reader: Aimee Knight
Aimee Knight
Aimee’s words appear on Junkee,, Rip It Up, AWOL and more. She digs gender equality, sexual diversity, multiculturalism and mental health. She froths for pop culture comment, travel writing, TV recaps and all things kawaii. After dancing on stage with Bruce Springsteen, her life’s all downhill from here.


Night in the City, 1893, Ellis Parker Butler (1869 – 1937)
Acquainted with the Night, 1928, Robert Frost (1874 – 1963)
Mary St / Electric Avenue / Wuthering Heights Adelaide, 2012 – 2014. RIP, 2014, Aimee Knight. First published in, Feb 2014, then in Lip Mag, Apr 2014.
Those Ghostly Lovers, David McGuigan
Flung Far From Home, David McGuigan
Panky, 2013, Aimee Knight
Sumimasen, 2013, Aimee Knight
The Story of the Infant Sponge (in the Dirty Dishwater), 2013, Samuel Jozeps
Ch 1: Down and Out in Paris and London, 1933, George Orwell (1903 – 1950)
Last Night I Saw the City Breathing, Andrew Fusek Peters
Upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802, William Wordsworth (1770 – 1850)

The night might leads us other places. This program is subject to change.

Submitted writer: David McGuigan
David has been teaching literacy and numeracy to Indigenous students in the Northern Territory and remote South Australia for over fifteen years. He enjoys creative writing and has had short stories published in The Westerly. His poetry appears in many journals and anthologies – including ‘Best Australian Poems’.

Music: Panoptique Electrical (Jason Sweeney)
Panoptique Electrical is both an experimental studio project by Jason Sweeney and instrumentalist collaboration with electronic and classical musicians and visual artists: Zoë Barry, Jed Palmer, Steve Phillips and Tristan Louth-Robins. This album is called Yes to Fear, Yes to Desire.

If you like what you hear, grab a digital copy of the work here


Storycast 2 – 12th May
The Owl and the Nightingale

Storycast from an enchanted forest nested deep within the Adelaide Hills.

*Explicit language occurs in the first few minutes, but after that it’s all safe for the kiddies.

Storycast 2 - trees Storycast 2 - readers

The Owl and the Nightingale. A middle-english poem written in the 12th century, the author unknown. Some speculate that ‘Nicholas of Guildford’, who is often mentioned in the verse, may have penned it. The poem takes the form of ‘debate poetry‘ (or ‘verse contest’) as it narrates an argument overheard between the two forest birds.

Is this poem battle rapping in its earliest form? Are owl and nightingale today’s B-Rabbit & Papa Doc? Does a hoodie adorned owl swoop in, remnants of Ma’s Spaghetti still caked on its collar ready to stuff nightingale full with polly-filler?

Nestle in as we are joined by two guest actors Sara Lange and Ashton Malcolm who read the parts of owl and nightingale live from a forest in the hills.

Sara Lange
Sara Lange
Sara is a South Australian actor trained at Adelaide College of the Arts (2010) and has participated in local theatre and films since graduating. She has worked with Duende Theatre Collective (Slicing and Dicing!!! 2011), the Adelaide Theatre Guild (Antigone 2012), Gone Begging Productions (The Possibilities 2012), Holden Street Theatre (His Ghostly Heart 2012), Tectonic Theatre Company (The Laramie Project II 2012), SA Shakespeare Company (Shakespeare On Love 2013), State Theatre CSA (Young Playwrights Awards 2013) and Polygraph Collective (Man in a Bag written by Emily Steele 2014). Her short film works include The Alchemist 2010, Walking Abroad 2011 Directed by Louis Maddiford, and Love CV 2012 Directed by Andrew Shanks.

Ashton Malcolm
Ashton Malcolm
Ashton Malcolm is an Adelaide based theatremaker, who graduated from Flinders University Drama Centre in 2009 with First Class Honours. She has also trained with Shakespeare and Company, in Massachusetts, USA. Ashton has worked extensively as a performer devising new works, as well as reimagining established texts. Some of her work includes collaborations with Vitalstatistix Theatre Company on Cutaway: A Ceremony (2013), Future Present (2014) and Quiet Faith (2014), and with the State Theatre Company of South Australia as Desdemona in Othello (2014).


Storycast 3 – 19th May
On Animals

Storycast from the somewhere on the fence of the Adelaide Zoo, Botanic Park.


Storycast 3 Farrin Storycast 3 Sam

Animals. We owe a lot to the beasts, critters and creatures with whom we share the earth. Countless stories, limericks, odes and elegies have been written in their name and on Tuesday 19th May we read you a few favourites. The night’s program included local, national and international writers of past and present.
Guest reader: Farrin Foster

Farrin Foster
A journalist by trade, writer by ambition and occasional filmmaker by necessity; Farrin is currently the editor of CityMag. At 28-years-old she has had careers in traditional media, politics and public relations and recently stumbled blindly into the world of small business ownership.

The Owl and the Pussycat, 1871, Edward Lear (1812 – 1888)
Cat in an Empty Apartment, Wislawa Szymborska
‘City of Barking Dogs’ from Love and Terror from the Howling Plains of Nowhere: A Memoir, 2012, Poe Ballantine
The Bones (Soul of Camel)*, 2014, Ceridwen Dovey
Cat, Jenny Toune
Blue Boy, Jenny Toune

Submitted writer: Jenny Toune
Writer, performer, tap dancer & drummer with grunge band Alien Whore, Jenny is also co-author of the verse novel Shedding Sin, (Lady Lazarus Press, May 2013), and winner of the Cowley Literary Award 2014. Her previous work has appeared in Award Winning Australian Writing 2011, 2012, 2013.

Jenny blogs at

*The Bones (Soul of Camel) is a short story published in Only the Animals, Ceridwen Dovey, published by Penguin Australia, 2014.

Storycast 4 – 26th May
The High Street Soiree

Storycast in front of a live living-room audience just east of Adelaide.


Storycast 5 - The High Street Soiree - photo by Ben McgeeStorycast 4 - High Street Soiree
Photo of Sam by Ben McGee

Tonight’s Storycast is a very special one. It will be performed live in front of an intimate audience of 25 (+ 2 cats) and features three writers reading their own stories, plus musical performances by choir Choral Grief.

Guest writer: Katherine Arguile
Katherine Arguile
Born in Tokyo of a Japanese mother and English father, Katherine moved from Tokyo to Hong Kong to Singapore to Hamburg to Edinburgh to Cambridge before spending eighteen years in London. She is now settled in Adelaide’s beachside suburb of Semaphore with her husband and recently became Australian. She has had a small number of short stories published; won a Varuna Writing Fellowship and won first prize in London’s Momaya Press Short Story Prize. She has just completed her first novel, The Things She Owned.

When not writing, she works as a barista, strives to run ever-faster PBs and treats her cats like furry children.

Guest writer: Caroline Reid
Caroline Reid
Caroline began writing for theatre twenty years ago and her plays have been performed, published and broadcast. She’s interested in people, places, dreams, myth, words, art and music, the way it all synthesises to create multi-layered realities. In a fit of mid-life inspiration Caroline has returned to full-time study. She will graduate from The University of Adelaide in 2016 with a Masters in Philosophy (Creative Writing). Caroline blogs sporadically at

Guest writer: Sky Harrison
Sky is editor of Aspire and Parade magazines and has worked extensively in magazine and book publishing for organisations such as News Ltd and Hardie Grant Media. She studied creative writing at Adelaide Uni and was a fiction editor for Wet Ink magazine, as well as for prose anthologies Emerge and Forked Tongues. She spends all of her spare time pursuing her love of writing novel-length fiction. Her latest manuscript is a genre-spanning tale that she initially resisted, but she’s found it more productive to obey her muse than fight him.

Guest choir: Choral Grief

Choral Grief

Choral Grief sings sad songs. Established in 2011, the choir takes cathartic delight in combining maudlin ballads with silly costumes. Previous performances have ranged from festivals (St Jerome’s Laneway Festival and Moving Music) to Christmas carols and, surprisingly, weddings.


Storycast 5 – 2nd June
Our Discreet Existence

Storycast from the end of the Grange Jetty, SA

We pushed the limit of Storycasting a little too far this time – the microphone siezed up in the cold, so we’ll spare you the snaps, crackles and pops that came through in the recording. We will re-record the stories and upload them at a later date. Browse on through the Listen Back page to hear all the other podcasts.

If you’re happy in a dream, does it count?
Where does the wind travel to?
Is death nothing more than a change in tense?

We can’t answer these questions but we can tell some stories that might offer some fresh insights. Rest easy with us; you’re not the only one whose sleep is postponed by preposterous propositions. Meet Borges, Sartre, local poet Adrian Rogers and Tessa Leon.

On Rain, Sam Jozeps
King Fisher, Tessa Leon
Vecchio Frack, Domenico Modugno
The Cirular Ruins, Jorge Luis Borges
Everyday Magic, Tessa Leon
Immaculate Deception, Tessa Leon
Day 1 – From the Rubble of Desire, Adrian Rogers
Day 6 – Spring’s Passing , Adrian Rogers
The Aleph Belt, Sam Jozeps
I felt a funeral in my brain, Emily Dickinson
I’m Working on the World, Wislawa Szymborska
On Death Without Exaggeration, Wislawa Szymborska
Miracle Fair, Wislawa Szymborska
The dictionary is just a beautiful menu, Peter Bakowski

Guest reader: Tessa Leon
Tessa Leon

Tessa is a performance artist, poet and producer. She has featured at Brisbane Writer’s Festival, Qld Poetry Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Womadelaide, Feast Festival, Adelaide Fringe, the Australian Poetry Slam and the National Circus Festival. With crooked elegance and a taste for the absurd, Tessa’s work for the stage and public arena combines poetry, comedy, romanticism and kitsch.

Submitted writer: Adrian Rogers
Adrian is a poet and novel writer whose novels and books of poems have been published in many states in Australia and Canada. He contributes to various journals, such as Mozzie, The Write Angle, Beyond the Rainbow, and a number of anthologies.

Featured music: Swimming
Yes, Tonight. Album cover
Yes, tonight. Album cover.

Swimming is an Adelaide-based three piece made up of Sam Reynolds, and Angela and Katie Schilling. They formed in 2011. In 2012 they supported the likes of Chet Faker, Fishing, Deep Sea Arcade and Oscar ‘N’ Martin, as well as played the incredible Ocean Graves festival at Two Ships, RIP and the infamous final Camp A Low Hum in Wellington in 2014. Their first album ‘Yes, tonight.’ was laid out across the past 18 months, and the release includes tracks from the early recordings through to the later period of 2012. Recorded by Format’s Pat Lockwood (Terrible Truth / Old Mate / Wild Oats) over 10 days in Angela’s home and mastered by Andrei Eremin (Chet Faker / I’lls), the production is laboured but minimal. Yes, tonight. is sycopation, R&B-drenched harmonies, and a complete admiration of space.

Yes, tonight. is available here. Go get it.


Storycast 6 – 9th June

Storycast from Adelaide’s place de la pash: the Windy Point lookout.



A night for the heart robbers and the heart throbbers., we’ll look at love from all the angles. Curl up and cuddle your pillow (or our favourite pet / human) and listen in as we dip our toes into the ocean of one of literature’s most treasured topics: love.

Love Among the Ruins, Robert Browning
The Spanish Understand, Peter Bakowski
How It Ends, Myra King
Sonnet 19, William Shakespeare
Untitled, Sam Jozeps
MĀHANGA, Louise McKenna
Love at First Sight, Wislawa Szymborska

Guest Reader: Daniel Vorrasi
Daniel Vorassi
Daniel is a lone traveller, soul seeker and creative adventurer with only sunshine and snow fall in his rear view mirror. He is an arts and festival producer, underground muso, dulcet toned radio host, a cook his nonna would be proud of, and if you need a concrete carpark he can build that too. This Jordan esque ball player is a psychology graduate who loves to analyse film, collect vinyl and drink through straws. Never seeking to find the same he is a gorilla in the mist that never wanted a life like ‘his’…

Submitted Writer: Myra King
Among many other print magazines, Myra King has been published in San Pedro River Review, Eclectic Flash and The Valley Review. She has won the UK Global and been shortlisted for the US Glass Woman Prize and the Scarlett Stiletto – SINC AUS.

Submitted Writer: Louise McKenna
Louise is a published writer living in Adelaide. Her first poetry collection, A Lesson in Being Mortal, was published as part of the Friendly Street New Poets Series by Wakefield Press in 2010. Her poetry has appeared in Cordite Poetry Review, Mascara Literary Review Red River Review, Bluepepper and Light and Glorie, an anthology of South Australian poetry published by Panthaenus Press. Her poem was shortlisted for the 2013 Fish Poetry Prize and last year, her first short story, Fall Of A Bird, was published by Mascara Literary Review.

Music: The Climbing Trees
climbing trees
In the space of just 6 months Climbing Trees have self-produced their debut album in their small home studio and signed to New York label, Flavorlab. Paul Anstey and Sonny Taverna are music teachers by day and create dreamy indie-folk by night. Combining fragile guitars, carefully constructed melodies and their love of harmonies.

Their songs are born in various ways, often together or back and forth through email. This collaborative songwriting sees them alternate lead vocals according to each songs tendency, which gives their debut album a fresh dynamic from one track to the next.

Climbing Trees debut, “Little Dreamer” will be out in early 2015. Listen to their work on Soundcloud

Storycast 7 – 16 June
Quick & Dirty vs. Storycast

Aimee Knight Robert Horne

Storycast from the SA Writers Centre, Second Floor, 187 Rundle St, Adelaide SA 5000


Storycast 7: Quick and Dirty by The_Storycast on Mixcloud

We teamed up with the SA Writers Centre’s Quick and Dirty sessions for a LIVE recording of The Storycast.

Quick and Dirty is a quarterly session of live readings that welcomes everyone. It features snapshots of new work by South Australian writers focussing on a different theme each month.

MC – Sam Jozeps
Caroline Reid
Aimee Knight
Robert Horne
Katherine Arguile


Aimee Knight is a writer and filmmaker whose words have appeared in The Adelaide Review, Rip It Up, Lip Magazine and more. She is deeply passionate about non-fiction and documentary disciplines, digs gender equality, sexual diversity, multiculturalism and good mental health, and she froths for pop culture comment, travel writing, TV recaps and all things kawaii. Aimee is the current Writer in Residence at SA Writers Centre.

Katherine Arguile was born in Tokyo of a Japanese mother and English father before moving from Tokyo to Hong Kong to Singapore to Hamburg to Edinburgh to Cambridge and then to London where she lived for 18 years. As a writer she has had a small number of short stories published, been awarded a Varuna Writing Fellowship and won first prize in London’s Momaya Press Short Story Prize. Katherine has just completed her first novel, The Things She Owned, and is now settled as an Australian resident in Adelaide’s beachside suburb of Semaphore with her husband. When not writing, she works as a barista, strives to run ever-faster PBs and treats her cats like furry children.

Robert Horne has been employed as a public servant, railway stower, barnacle scrubber and wine shop assistant among other things and now teaches Classical Studies part time. He has had books of short stories published in 2004 and 2013 and is now working on his dream of getting a novel out and shooting up the charts. He has a nearly-finished historical novel involving settler-Aborigine contact in early South Australia and is currently engaged in a Doctor of Creative Arts at UTS where he is writing another set in modern Cambodia. He also completed a creative writing MA at Adelaide University in 2012.

Sam Jozeps graduated with a double major in English and Philosophy from the University of Adelaide after completing his Philosophy major on scholarship at the University of Helsinki, Finland. He was the recipient of the Anthony Steel Fellowship of Arts Administration in 2009 and has since worked with a number of arts organisations and festivals including the Adelaide Fringe, the Adelaide Cabaret and Guitar Festivals, Arts Projects Australia and the Adelaide Festival Centre, and he currently is the Digital Marketing Executive for the Adelaide Festival of Arts. Sam enjoys metered poetry, playing and teaching music, riding his bike, drinking coffee, eating fritz and sauce sandwiches and producing short films. His poetry and prose writing has been published in Aspire Magazine, inDaily and in various university and arts publications.

Storycast 8 – 23 June 2015
Readings and Dreamings

This was the season’s final Storycast, read from Tandanya – the place of the Red Kangaroo.


Storycast 8 – Readings and Dreamings by The Storycast on Mixcloud

Please join us for this special online reading.

This special live online reading which spotlighted the work of some Indigenous Australian writers and storytellers. We were joined by writers and readers Edoardo Crismani and Matt Hein, who read some of their own, and others’ work. We also broadcast some special recorded works from Adelaide Writers’ Week 2015.

Guest reader/writer: Edoardo Crismani
Edoardo Crismani
Edoardo grew up in Coober Pedy, an opal-mining town in the outback of South Australia. Edoardo spent several years playing in bands, doing an assorted range of jobs, travelling and couch surfing. In 2009 he enrolled in University and graduated with a Bachelor of Media Arts degree from the University of South Australia in August 2012. He majored in Film and TV production and minored in Creative Writing. He achieved a High Distinction average in his degree.

Edoardo Crismani is a member of the South Australian Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Writers Group and in 2013 he completed a residency at the South Australian Writers Centre in Adelaide as an Emerging Writer in Residence. His creative writings (poetry and short stories) have been published in The
University of South Australia’s Piping Shrike Phoenix 2012, The University of Sydney’s Southerly Journal December 2012, SA Globalist 2013, New Zealand publication Ora Nui 2014, in Polish in Poezia 2014, Our Mob Festival Theatre Gallery Catalogue 2014 and Lizard Skin Anthology Number Three in March 2015.

From 2013-2014 Edoardo had been writing, filming, editing and producing film as an independent filmmaker for NITV with mini-documentaries such as Lenore Chantrelle – Point Pearce to Paris and Barbara’s World receiving nationwide broadcast as well as short dramas such as Just Be Yourself. In March 2015 he was commissioned by NITV to produce, write, direct and film two mini-documentaries – one on Marg Tripp and the other on Auntie Shirley Peisley who are both esteemed Aboriginal elders.

Guest reader/writer: Matt Hein
Matthew Hein is an Adelaide artist who has a tendency to say “yes” to interesting and challenging pursuits as they arise. He has worked as an MC for the Spirit Festival, Survival Day and Nunga Funny. Matt has also worked as an actor having performed for local companies such as Independent Theatre, Stone/Castro, Karrakarinya Theatre Collective, Kurruru, No Strings Attached and the Box City Theatre Company. He once said “yes” to a role in a radio play at the ABC and in primary school stole the show as “the cat from Norway who got stuck in the doorway”. Matt has also played drums in a few Adelaide rock bands and can coax a reasonably convincing sound from his yidaka aka didgeridoo.


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